Jiithya's Home Made Chocolates

Jiithya's Home Made Chocolates
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Cashew Chocolate 150 gms

Cashew melted with cocoa ,cocoa butter and milk.Once opened keep in airtight container, preferably i..


Cashew Chocolate 250 gms

JIITHYA’s Cashew Chocolates brings you dark chocolate with badam.These chocolates have a higher..


Dark Butterscotch 150gms

JIITHYA’s Dark butterscotch brings you dark chocolate with crispy butterscotch.These chocolates..


Plain dark Chocolate 150Grms ( 70% Cocoa )

Plain chocolate ( 70% Cocoa ), hence not bitter , a perfect taste for all chocolate lovers.Once..


Plain dark Chocolate 250Grms ( 70% Cocoa )

PLAIN CHOCOLATES ( 70% Cocoa), a perfect blend of chocolate,not bitter, a ideal chocolate for chocol..


White Butterscotch 150gms

White chocolate with dark layer os chocolate chips.Once opened keep in airtight container, preferabl..


White Milk Chocolate 150gms

White milk chocolate with that milky milky taste.Once opened keep in airtight container, preferably ..


White Milk Chocolate 250gms

White chocolate for the milky taste,just melts away easily in your mouth.Once opened keep in airtigh..